Workplace Gifts

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Workplace Events

OneRunTogether is happy to partner with you to create an event that compliments your work environment and inspires your co-workers. Workplace campaigns are a great way to build awareness, increase morale, foster teamwork, and raise money for a great cause. An example of a common workplace fundraiser that many companies support is Denim Days. With the permission of your department head or Human Resources department, colleagues pay $1 and are allowed to wear jeans to work for the day. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop a campaign for your organization.


Matching Gifts

Employer Matching Gift programs will allow you to potentially double the impact of your gift. Many companies encourage employees to make donations to their favorite charities by matching their contributions. Visit your human resources department to find out if your employer matches charitable donations. If they do, please complete your company’s matching gift form and send it to OneRunTogether along with your donation.


Payroll Deductions

Many companies provide employees with the ability to designate a portion of their income to a charity of their choice. The deduction is taken directly from a paycheck, and the donation can be made each pay period or one time for a pre-determined amount.


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